Dat Greune Eck Hotel/guesthouse    "Dat Greune Eck"
The rooms
Our rooms are very commodious and can easily be expanded with additional beds.

We also offer you an allergy friendly and wheelchair accessible room with seperate entry. Our family room is equipped with 5 beds, spread on 2 connected rooms.

Learn more about the fees here.

single room:
room 1 - 1st floor
room 5a - 2nd floor (in combination with room 5 as family room)
room 8a - 1st floor, terrace
room 12 - 2nd floor, balcony
room 13 - 2nd floor, balcony
double room:
room 2 - 1st floor, with terrace and pantry kitchen
room 3 - 1st floor, with terrace
room 4 - 1st floor, with terrace
room 5 - 2nd floor, four bed room
room 6 - 2nd floor
room 9a - 1st floor, terrace
room 10 - 2nd floor, balcony
room 11 - 2nd floor, balcony
room 8 - 1st floor, terrace, pantry kitchen, wheelchair accessible
holiday flat:
room 9 - 1st floor, terrace and pantry kitchen

Room 8 and 9 can be booked together with room 8a and 9a to get an additional sleeping room.