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Soltau, a blooming heath city in the center of the Lüneburger Heide, and in the center of the theme parks! The Lüneburger Heide is a perfect location for relaxing, bike tours and to go for a walk. In august/september the heath offers a fantasic look in full bloom which nobody may miss.

But even when not in bloom it is worthwile walking or biking through the heath - you find peace and relaxation. For this the Soltau-Therme and the Pietzmoor is also an excellent choice.

Induldge yourself with some rest...

Leisure activities near by:
The Heide-Park, germany's most popular theme park is only 3,5 km away. With more than 50 spectacular attractions and shows there is something for everybody.
Only 20 km away from us is the Vogelpark Walsrode, the world's biggest bird park with ca. 4600 birds.
The Serengeti-Park is only 30 km away and offers amongst real safari feeling also 46 driving attractions and 20 ape species in walkable outdoor enclosures.
40 km away you can visit the Schmetterlingspark with beautiful tropical butterflies, including the biggest butterfly in the world.
The Wildpark Lüneburger Heide at 40 km distance belongs to the most beautiful german zoos and houses over 1000 animals.
The Magic Park Verden is 45 km away from us and offers as the only theme park of magic in germany many great attractions.
The Wald-Wasser-Lehrpfad in Soltau offers interesting information about the water cycle of the ecosystem earth.
The Orchideenzentrum Celle is 50 km away and offers with competent guided tours a deep insight into the colorful and species-rich world of orchids.
20 km away is the Landschaftspark Iserhatsche with its hunt villa and the baroque garden a very beautiful destination.
In the Greifvogel-Gehege Bispingen 15 km away you can learn more about the way of life of the magnificent birds of prey at close range.
Heidewitzka, that ist the 2000m²-play-and-fun-indoor-sensation for big and small kids in Soltau.

Sport activities:
The nearby Soltau-Therme with the state-approved spa invites both to swimming and relaxing.
The Golfanlage Soltau in the beautiful Lüneburger Heide offers a restored 27-hole-course for relaxed golfing.
In the Bowling Center Soltau you can play on 12 fully-automated lanes with a computer-aided system both as beginner or professional.
Only 15 km away is the Ralf Schumacher Kartcenter Bispingen, one of the most modern indoor kart sites in europe and offers also a big outdoor track.
On the Kindertreckerbahn Bispingen in 15 km distance small and big kids can accelerate on a more than 300m long, hilly dirt-track.
The Snow Dome in Bispingen is the first ski hall in northern germany and the most modern in Europe. Expect a 300m long and 100m width ski trail which is suitable for skier, snowboarder or luger.
Of course you can indulge in and around Soltau many more leisure activities like tennis, squash, ninepins and riding.

Nearby museums:
The Norddeutsche Spielzeugmuseum Soltau offers one of the world's best toy collections from four centuries.
In the Heimatmuseum Soltau are constantly changing exhibitions on interesting themes.
The Deutsche Panzermuseum Munster in 20 km distance shows many military exhibits and changing special exhibitions.
In the selling exhibition of the Kerzenfabrik Walsrode, which is 20 km away, you can admire the creation of the unicums.
40 km away is the Hundertwasser-Bahnhof Uelzen, famous for its colorful construction.
The Brauereimuseum Lüneburg in 50 km distance is the only brewery museum in northern Germany and shows amongst other exhibits very rare equipment.
In 60 km distance is the Miniaturwunderland Hamburg. You can marvel the world's largest digital model railway.
The Hamburg Dungeon in 60 km distance hosts a scary beautiful history adventure in the Speicherstadt.
In the Universum Science Center Bremen in 100 km distance the miracles of science are experiancable with interactive experiments.
The Deutsche Pferdemuseum in Verden is 60 km away and shows a ride through the history of hourse from the beginnng until today.

The next biggest cities in our neighborhood are Lüneburg (50 km), Celle (50 km), Bremen (60 km), Hamburg (60 km) and Hannover (60 km).

Of course we have information material for all the offers mentioned above in our house, we also offer a guest guide for Soltau and its surroundings and will be happy to helping you by selecting your own numerous and interesting destinations in the Lüneburger Heide.